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In a city where sometimes more time is needed, Bbbonita is the dream of a young, professional and positive therapist of delivering five stars beauty treatments in the comfort of their client’s homes. Monday to Sunday from early morning until late in the evenings.

Officially born in winter 2019, we have travelled more than 4000 miles satisfying more than 150 beautiful butterflies in hotels, offices and private homes delivering hair removal treatments, manicures and pedicures, relaxing massages, facial treatments and more, inside and outside London (including Horley, Camberley, Luton and Greys). Shortly we expect to expand our coverage areas. Including internationally!

We found an opportunity of treating you, our beloved client, after work or before any special occasion such as weddings or important business meetings, saving you the precious time of going to a salon and providing you with efficient skills, high-quality products and the professionality that only an insured therapist can provide you.

Our philosophy is to be transparent with the client. We do what we love so we love to travel to you. We know we are not the first mobile beauty company in London but we want to be the best mobile beauty company for you.
Another important thing we are so happy about, is that after studies and researchers we have finally partnered with one of UK’s natural company where they provide vegan ingredients for us to make homemade natural products. The reason for this is the following: One day i just said to myself, the amount of products client’s and woman in general must buy online or in a store without not knowing, majority of the times, what they are applying on their skin, why don’t i push myself more and just make my own skincare range so that our clients will gain more trust in us|!

We have 2 great products at the moment, and the best is yet to come!
We also have just launched our online shop for you to purchase our homemade and vegan products.

Bbonita operates seven days a week from 7 am till 9 pm intending to make you feel comfortable in your comfort zone, therefore it is our enormous pleasure to be delivering high-quality beauty services so that you can enjoy it the same way as if you had to go to a spa. Everyone should experience it.

Be confident, be beautiful, be yourself. This is the meaning of Bbonita.
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Show Offers

Show offer only!!

Fresh, Vegan and smooth
Looking for that product that does it all?
Here it is, our SKIN conditioninng balm(multipurpose), great on hands, face, cuticle and lips

This natural product it’s great for any skin types but also can be used on it’s own or under your favourite face cream

Leaves the skin:
Radiant- Shiny- Hydrated- Rejuvenates

Vitamin E
Jojoba oil
Camilia oil
Castor oil
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When you purchase any of our products at the show you will receive a complimentary 10 minutes chair massage
Not to be missed, of course!