Dermalogica Partnership Programme

Dermalogica partners with colleges across the UK and Ireland to help future professionals gain real-world industry insights. More than simply a supplier, Dermalogica is a leading employer of professional skin therapists in our own stores and concessions, which allows us to bring enrichment opportunities to your students through our award-winning education.

Our college curriculum is now delivered digitally and enables students to achieve the CV-enhancing Aspire Award, unlock access to our Enhanced Employability Series and become Dermalogica Certified through our Ready to Work scheme – giving students a head start in the industry and ensuring that college leavers feel confident and are highly employable.

We are committed to the development of vocational skills at a global, national, and local level. In the UK, we currently work with and support government, awarding organizations and industry initiatives to define and benchmark the standards and skills for the future. We are active members of City&Guilds Industry Advisory Board, partner with BABTAC as their Skin Expert, and engage on Employer and Expert Working Groups for the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, SkillsActive and HABIA, in the sector review and develop both Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards and National Occupational Standards.

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What do students say?

“Massive thank you to the Dermalogica team for all your amazing training; it’s fantastic to learn about different products and techniques and we all obviously love the awards for our CVs.  Your workshops have been amazing and the educators made it not only educational, but fun as well so thank you again! Anyone who is thinking about training, do it.”  – Tammy

“The workshops and opportunities Dermalogica provide to students are amazing; they are very educational and I feel that I have learnt so much from them. Taking part in these workshops have not only upskilled my knowledge, but they have enabled me to achieve my ‘Aspire Award’ which I am thrilled about and cannot wait to add it to my CV.” – Sian