With over 15 years in the lash industry, NovaLash has the support and expertise to mentor and create successful lash artists. NovaLash is known worldwide for its award-winning adhesives- the first oilproof adhesive in the world, as well as being instantly waterproof- and amazing professional and retail products. With physician-developed courses, learn the safest application technique from a brand whose primary focus is always the health and safety of the natural lashes.

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WAS £815.00 NOW £570.00!

For experienced lash artists only (trained in NovaLash American volume or Russian) who want to create and offer massive lashes, that are ultra-lightweight and extremely soft. Known worldwide as the ‘healthiest’ lash brand, NovaLash has developed its first online training course. This technique produces bigger, bolder fans by using thin and light extensions, and our new, thinnest, Royal Platinum Bond adhesive. The London Volume look is captivating with its extravagant, dark, dense, and fluffy lash line. WAS £815.00 NOW £570.00!