Shared Beauty Secrets

Established in 2009, Shared Beauty Secrets has trained 10,000+ therapists in treatments, including Lava Shells thermaBliss. Our team of experts is passionate about developing world-class experiences; incorporating advanced therapeutic treatments, alongside fully accredited, industry-recognised, training courses. Our mission is to serve the professional spa industry and consumer market introducing a new range of homecare products.

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Exclusive Training Bundle

Exclusive Lava Shells thermaBliss Training Bundle.

Normally £190 ex vat, yours for just £94.00!

Included in our special offer is: 7 Divine Eyes Self-Heating eye masks, Comprehensive online training course, 12 thermaBliss mineral charges, Sensory Retreats Restore Wellbeing Oil 200ml & 2 Porcelain Tiger Clam Lava Shells.