Body contouring with Loulabelles

Find out more about Louise Finch’s journey with Loullabelles, and how you can follow your dreams! Plus, learn more about body contouring with a treatment demonstration, before Louise explains how you can train with Loulabelles Academy and purchase the technology.


Louise Finch

Louise has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and discovered body sculpting due to being unhappy about parts of her body, until she came across theses ground breaking non-surgical solutions. Louise has been performing treatments for over 7 years. Due to high demand, she built Loulabelles dream team which enabled Loulabelles to see lots more clients covering many areas of the UK. Exclusively using her own branded technology Loulabell Advanced Aesthetics, as she needed a portable machine that had everything in one box which was a dream come true! This enabled Loulabelles team to travel internationally. From there, Loulabelles academy for nonsurgical body contouring, came her passion for teaching, offering 7 days a week support. Lockdown hit and out came Loulabelles natural skincare to help tighten, firm, sculpt, plump & hydrate the skin from home. There is so much more to come with Loulabelles journey, join Louise at Look Good Live.