A fun fat burn fitness workout & 3 simple tips to a healthier you

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy fit lifestyle?  Don’t know where to start?  Well this is for you.  Let me share with you a fun workout that you can do at home and I share 3 simple tips to a healthier.


Kelly Hurd

Using my background in health and fitness, I use my passion and enthusiasm together with insight of my own fitness journey to deliver motivational and fun workouts. Despite struggling with fat loss through my 20s – 30s, I successfully dropped from a UK clothes size 18 to size 8. Now I want to share the workouts that really work! My studies in anatomy, nutrition, fitness and leadership enable me to simplify the science of fat loss and demonstrate how to amplify your results. From a young mother at the age of 15 to a top performing health professional. Let me share my secrets to tenacity, focus to becoming a healthier and fitter you.