Red Carpet Makeup Look

There’s a huge difference between everyday makeup and makeup that looks red carpet ready. Find out all of the celebrity secrets at this exciting tutorial.


Elena Ciftci

Business woman, makeup artist, trainer, mother and wife. Busy life, right? Well, this is Elena Ciftci’s life, and she handles it all like a boss! Who is Elena Ciftci, you ask? She’s an exceptionally talented makeup artist and trainer with almost 10 years of experience in this domain, who managed through hard work, passion and dedication for makeup to build her own empire: two makeup academies – one in Bucharest and one in London – and also launch her own brand, Seem London Cosmetics. She’s passionate, driven, an amazing friend and also supporter of her students. She’s an amazing person who proves that if you want something badly enough, nothing can stop you. And she does all this with style and on high heels!